Ty Lee did actually keeps identified Zuko as their very early youngsters

[12] When she joined Azula and you may Mai, [4] they accompanied Zuko and you can Iroh across the world in an attempt to fully capture him or her. She did actually undertake your without the objections through to his get back out of exile, [14] plus vacationed which have him and how to delete christianconnection account additionally Mai and you will Azula so you can Ember Area. [1] When tensions rose, Zuko named the woman good « circus freak » and you will berated the lady for her countless optimism, ultimately causing this lady to expand psychological and compelling the lady to disclose the girl reasons for joining the newest circus. She stressed your, along with the others, towards the publicly revealing his reasons behind his recent fury. Including the lady relatives, Ty Lee sympathized with Zuko’s internal chaos and you will dilemma. [1] Shortly after she and you can Azula fled to another gondola during the a fight which have Zuko with his partners, making her or him to possess dead, she looked uneasy and you can alarmed, having Zuko who would have dropped so you’re able to his dying at this go out had it not already been to possess Mai’s quick input. [7]

Per year following prevent of one’s Hundred year Combat, Ty Lee inserted other Kyoshi Warriors during the protecting Zuko because of several murder initiatives against the new fire Lord, [13] and you may she went on to protect him the following years. [11]

Previous enemies

Hailing on the Flame Nation and you will element of Azula’s party, Ty Lee try an organic adversary of the Avatar. [5] Yet not, the woman animosity for the Aang is only centered on the individuals instructions. Therefore, both without difficulty got together adopting the end of Hundred Seasons War. [15]


Ty Lee and you can Katara only actually ever satisfied when they fought for each other. It very first found during a beneficial botched prisoner exchange. When Katara tried to eliminate Mai using waterbending, Ty Lee used chi clogging to help you eliminate Katara, helping to make the lady defenseless. It nearly triggered Katara’s beat as a result of Mai. [4] Regardless if Katara fled unharmed along with her loved ones, she install expertise in Ty Lee’s experiences, saying the girl capacity to strip the girl from the girl flexing strength was scary. [5]

Katara and you can Ty Lee battled together towards the numerous period after ward, plus whenever Azula along with her family chased the group by simply following Appa’s fur walk [3] assuming the Flames Nation drill prepared to infiltrate the fresh structure of Ba Play Se. [5] Although not, regarding latter involvement, Katara effortlessly battled regarding Ty Lee because of the twisting the new drill’s liquefied slurry, ergo trapping the girl, and you will angrily named this lady good « circus freak ». [5] Within her disguise just like the an effective Kyoshi Warrior in the Palace in Ba Sing Se, Ty Lee overloaded Katara having fun with chi clogging, causing Katara’s simply take. [16] The 2 did not come together for the rest of the latest Hundred 12 months War, neither on Zuko’s coronation.

Regarding the aftermath of your Combat, Ty Lee possess due to the fact joined the brand new Kyoshi Warriors and try present on Flame Nation Funding when People Avatar came into help Zuko and you may an enthusiastic unbound Azula to track down their enough time-destroyed mommy. As the several failed to actually come together, it appears to be Katara and Ty Lee not any longer notice for each other’s exposure. [10]

Toph Beifong

Into the Hundred year Conflict, Ty Lee just understood Toph because a friend of your own Avatar for example the girl adversary. Following the end of your Battle, Ty Lee joined brand new Kyoshi Warriors and therefore didn’t come with reason to get antagonistic for the Toph more. From the 102 AG, the fresh family relations within people had achieved the point where Ty Lee top Toph with why she was feeling off and you will Toph took find of your negative improvement in Ty Lee’s ideas, compassionate adequate to try and lift the fresh new women’s morale. Once they came across Ty Lee’s siblings, hence improved Ty Lee’s gloomy ideas while the she thought down more are section of a blended set, Toph commented one Ty Lee are her favorite outside of the 7 similar Ty sisters. [2]

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